Declarative Caching Services

Wanghy-Cache provides different ways to create proxies to enable the caching services:

  1. Proxy Factory.

    The factory org.wanghy.cache.interceptor.proxy.CacheProxyFactoryBean creates a proxy for a single bean definition that will be affected by the caching services. By using the proxy factory all the configuration details for the caching services are declared in the configuration file of the Spring container.

  2. Metadata-driven Autoproxy.

    Autoproxying is driven by metadata. This produces a similar programming model to .NET ServicedComponents. Proxies for caching services are created automatically for the bean definitions containing source-level metadata.

  3. Single Method Interceptor.

    A single Method Interceptor is used to proxy all the beans of the bean context.

For more information about Spring AOP and proxies, please read Spring's documentation.