Implicit Objects

Wanghy-TableTag creates the following implicit objects:

  • row.

    Reference to the current bean being processed by the tag. Such bean is contained in the array or collection specified in the var attribute of the table tag.
The implicit objects can be called from the JSP using the table tag.


<table:table firstItemIndex="11" itemCount="18" lastItemIndex="15" pageCount="4"
    pageIndex="3" pagingBanner="both" requestUri=""
    styleClass="table-results" summary="users" var="${users}">
    <table:column id="id" property="id" 
        styleClass="centeralign" title="Id" width="10%"/>
    <table:column id="username" property="username" sortable="true"
        title="Username" width="30%"/>

    <%-- Using implicit object --%>	
    <table:column id="fullName" sortable="true" sorted="true" title="Full Name" width="30%">
        ${row.lastName}${', '}${row.firstName}
    <table:column id="role" property="role" sortable="true" title="Role" width="30%"/>